Roundup Weedkiller Ready-to-use

Reg. No. L5753 Act No. 36 of 1947

Herbicide for garden use only. A foliar applied systemic non-selective herbicide, with little or no soil activity, for the control of many annual and perennial weeds in the garden.

  • Systemic herbicide kills weeds and grasses down to the roots
  • No toxic residual in soils
  • Broad spectrum, non-selective herbicide
  • No mixing – use the product as is
  • Kills weeds and grasses, roots and all
  • Shake before use
  • Adjust nozzle for full cover spray or direct stream as required
  • Optimum results are obtained with a fine even droplet distribution on target weeds, avoid run off

For more directions for the use of Roundup RTU, please click here to download the PDF.

1 ltr, 3 ltr, 5 ltr


  • Use only as directed
  • Store away from food, feeds, seed, fertilizer and other agricultural chemicals
  • Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals


Resistance Warning

  • For resistance management, Roundup® Ridder RTU is a group code G herbicide
  • Any weed population may contain individuals naturally resistant to Roundup Ridder RTU and other group code G herbicides
  • The resistant individuals can eventually dominate the weed population if these herbicides are used repeatedly
  • These resistant weeds may not be controlled by Roundup Ridder RTU or any other group code G herbicide


To delay herbicide resistance

  • Avoid exclusive repeated use of herbicides from the same herbicide group code
  • Alternate or tank mix with registered products from different herbicide group codes
  • Integrate other control methods (chemical, cultural, biological) into weed control programmes
  • For specific information on resistance management contact the registration holder of this product


  • In case of accidental contact with eyes, wash immediately with plenty of water
  • Wash hands after use
  • Destroy empty container
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7.2 g/l Glyphosate (Glycine) (contains Isopropylamine salt of Glyphosate 9.7 g/l)