Efekto Oleum

Reg. no.: L 3575 | Act No. 36 of 1947; N-AR 0138; W130188

White oil emulsion insecticide for the control of pernicious scale, red scale, soft brown scale, circular purple and mussel scale, aphids, red spider mite, mealy bug, woolly aphid, australian bug and bryobia mite eggs on deciduous fruit trees, citrus, ornamentals and shrubs as listed.

  • Very low toxicity
  • Highly effective
  • Petroleum oil works by smothering the insects
  • Excellent on citrus, deciduous fruit, ornamental trees, shrubs, ornamentals and roses
  • Ideal as a winter clean up spray for scale, aphids, mealy bug, Australian bug, and mites
  • Oleum is a contact spray and must cover the insects or their eggs to kill them
  • Therefore spray very thoroughly to cover all parts of the branches, twigs or leaves
  • Best result will be obtained by using as high a spray pressure as possible
  • Citrus, evergreen ornamentals and hedges
    • To control Red, Purple, Mussel, Pernicious and Soft Brown Scale, Mealy bug, Australian Bug, Bud mite and Red Spider mite:
      • 200 ml of Oleum to 10 l water
      • Spray during the cool part of the day
      • Do not spray when the plants are in flower
      • Citrus should be sprayed only between the time the fruit reaches walnut size and two months before picking.
  • Deciduous fruit, ornamental trees and shrubs (dormant spray)
    • Deciduous fruit ornamental trees and shrubs in leaf to control Aphids and Red Spider mite:
      • 100 ml Oleum to 10 l water
      • To control Red, Purple, Mussel, Pernicious, Soft Brown Scale and Woolly aphid, Mealy bug and Bryobia mite eggs: 300 ml Oleum to 10 l water. Apply in winter when trees are fully dormant. See ‘Warnings’ regarding certain fruit trees.


  • Do not spray when temperatures are near 35 °C or above

Mineral Oil 720 g/l