Efekto No Insect Indoors Ants Ready-to-use

Reg. No. L9148 | Act No. 36 of 1947; N-AR1568

A ready to use insecticide for the control of ants.

  • Contains a knockdown agent
  • Fast action
  • Shake container thoroughly before use
  • Spraying No insect indoors NF Ants inside or outside the house will kill insects on contact or by means of ingestion
  • No insect indoors NF Ants is a ready-to-use formulation and must not be mixed with water
  • Effective coverage of surfaces is necessary to ensure control
  • Spray surfaces where insects are noticed
  • Repeat the spray whenever necessary
  • Treat the areas where insects are a problem inside and outside the home


For more directions for the use of No Insect Indoors NF Ants, please click here to download the PDF.


  • Use only as directed
  • Harmful if swallowed or absorbed through the skin
  • Store in a cool well ventilated place
  • Do not use on edible crops
  • Store away from food and feed
  • Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals
  • Do not permit humans or pets to contact treated areas until spray has thoroughly dried
  • May irritate skin, eyes and cause skin sensitisation
  • Cover fish tanks and remove pets from areas to be treated
  • Toxic to fish and other aquatic organisms



  • Avoid eye and skin contact and inhalation of spray mist
  • Avoid spray drift onto surrounding areas and fish ponds
  • Do not apply near food, feed stuffs, drinking water and eating utensils
  • Wash with soap and water after use or after accidental skin contact

Deltamethrin (Pyrethroid) 0,2 g/l
d-Allethrin (Pyrethroid) 1,0 g/l
Piperonyl Butoxide (Synergist) 0,8 g/l