Efekto Mole Repellent

Reg. No. L 6271 | Act No. 36 of 1947

Efekto Mole Repellent is made from a biodegradable plant extract and will not harm your lawns or plants.

  • Very easy to apply
  • Effective, humane and biodegradable
  • Does not kill or harm moles
  • Safe for pets and children
  • Stamp down and flatten all existing visible workings, and then treat only new mounds or surface runs that appear
  • Pusher Moles: Move the mole hill soil aside, locate the entrance to the tunnel, and pour 10 ml of the liquid into the tunnel as deep as possible. Cover up with soil.
  • Surface Moles: At either end of the surface mole run, locate the entrance to the tunnel that goes down. Pour 10 ml of the liquid into the tunnel. Cover with soil if you have an area that needs to be treated to get satisfactory results of a mole problem for some time, it may be necessary to use more than one container of the product, dependent upon the size of the mole.


  • Not for human consumption
  • Store in a cool place and keep the container sealed
  • Keep out of reach of children and animals



  • Wash hands after use
  • Destroy empty container and do not use for any other purpose
  • Prevent contamination of food, feeds, drinking water and eating utensils

Extract of Allium Sativum 45ml/l