Supa-Kill Rat & Mouse Bait Station

Reg. No. L10422 Act No. 36 of 1947

Supa-Kill Rat & Mouse bait station.

  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Supa-Kill® Bait Station protect the bait from the elements, keeping it free of moisture and dirt or dust
  • Supa-Kill® Bait Station keep rodent bait away from children or non-target animals
  • Supa-Kill® Bait Station prevents accidental spillage and product contamination
  • Supa-Kill® Bait Station saves you money because bait stays in place and remains palatable longer
  • Supa-Kill® Bait Station entice rodents, especially mice, to enter the dark, enclosed space where they feel protected
  • Place bait in a Supa-Kill bait box at the source of infestation and replenish weekly
  • Continue baiting until no more rats or mice are evident
  • For mouse control, several small baiting points should be used
  • Most rats and mice require only 1 feed to cause death within 4 – 14 days
  • Place bait out of wet or damp areas


For more directions for the use of Supa-Kill Rat & Mouse Granular, please click here to download the PDF.

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