Efekto No Ant Bait Station Ready-to-use

Reg. No. L9016 Act | No. 36 of 1947; N-AR1325

A ready-to-use ant bait to control household ants within the nest.

  • Ants that are found around the garden and homes are ‘worker Ants’
  • Their sole function is that of collecting food for the queen and the other ants in the colony
  • The bait used in No Ant bait station attracts the ants into the traps, where they collect the bait and carry it back to the queen and brood (nest)
  • Thus the entire colony will be controlled over a period of time
  • Remove the No Ant bait station from the packaging and open by twisting gently in the direction shown by the arrows on the top of the bait station
  • Pull the white tab to remove the seal and activate the bait
  • Place the No Ant bait station in the path of the ants, close to the nest entrance
  • Secure the bait station by placing a brick or a heavy object on top to avoid accidental displacement
  • Leave the No Ant bait station in place for up to 2 months, even if no ants appear
  • For severe infestations, use more bait stations and replace every 3-4 weeks
2 pack, 4 pack


  • Use only as directed
  • Poisonous if swallowed
  • Keep in a cool dry place away from food and feed
  • Keep out of reach of children, pets, animals and uninformed persons
  • Do not break open the body of the trap or perforate the traps



  • No Ant bait station should not be placed on hot surfaces, in direct sunlight or in the rain
  • Always place No Ant Bait Station flat on its base once tabs have been opened
  • No Ant Bait Station should not be kept upright because it will cause the syrup to ooze out
  • Dispose of used bait stations in a safe place
  • If the gel inside traps come into contact with skin, wash immediately with non–abrasive soap and cold water

Hydramethylnon 12 g/kg