Your indoor and outdoor guide to termite treatment

You’ve landed here because you’re faced off with an all-too-common enemy in South African homes and gardens: termites. These miniature, industrious creatures can be a real menace in your home or garden. But we are here to help turn your termite terrors into a thing of the past with our termite treatment guide.

Know your foes

Before we talk about how to deal with them, let’s get to know termites a bit better. You can find termites almost everywhere in South Africa, except for some places along the coast from the Western Cape to some parts of the Eastern Cape. There are three main types of termites that can cause problems in our homes and gardens. These are the subterranean termite, the drywood termite, and the harvester termite. In this blog post, we’ll be focusing on subterranean termites and harvester termites.

Harvester termites

These termites are a significant concern for gardeners. They’re known for their love of dry plant material, especially grass. While they primarily stay outdoors, their ability to cover a lot of ground can pose a significant threat to your garden.

Subterranean termites

Subterranean termites build large underground colonies, often home to millions. They rely on soil to survive and are often found in wooden items such as skirting boards, door and window frames, and roof beams. Because they usually stay hidden in their mud tunnels, it can be hard to see them until they’ve already done a lot of damage. Their excrement, known as cartons, resembles a hard, cardboard material.

Efekto’s termite treatment for gardens: Combating harvester termites

A thriving garden is a joy to behold, but harvester termites can quickly turn that joy into a nightmare. Efekto, however, is here with a comprehensive termite treatment plan to keep these pests at bay.

Condition your lawn 

A well-maintained lawn is your first line of defence. Regular care and feeding with high nitrogen content fertilisers, like Wonder Lawn and Leaf, help make your garden more resilient to termite attacks.

Employ insecticide sprays 

Products like Efekto Plant Protector and Efekto Cypermethrin 200 EC are essential components of an effective termite treatment plan. They contain a potent contact stomach poison that kills the termites upon contact. Remember, consistency is key—follow-up applications every 14 to 21 days can ensure effective control.

Deploy Kamikaze baits

Efekto Kamikaze bait pellets are a secret weapon in our termite treatment arsenal. When termites go out to gather grass, they’ll also grab these baits. They’ll take the bait back to their homes, and without knowing it, they’ll poison the other termites, even the queen. Don’t forget to handle the baits with gloves to avoid transferring your human scent onto them.

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Efekto’s termite treatment for homes: Combating subterranean termites

Protecting your home against the onslaught of subterranean termites requires an equally effective termite treatment plan.

Enter Stedfast, a low-toxicity, water-based synthetic pyrethroid developed specifically for protecting your home against these wood-loving termites. Stedfast offers:

  • Long-term control: Up to 10 years on a higher dosage.
  • Rapid knockdown: Kills termites within 24 hours.
  • Preventative and curative: It’s ideal for both eliminating existing termite infestations and acting as a preventative barrier for your home.
  • The safe choice: It’s odourless, biodegradable, and has low toxicity towards mammals.

Preventing a termite problem

If you’re worried about termites damaging your wooden furniture or parts of your house, PWP Wood Pro can help. This strong and long-lasting solution protects wood both inside and outside your home.

PWP Wood Pro works really well against wood-destroying fungi, decay, insect borers, and particularly termites. By applying this termite treatment, you can help your wooden items last longer and keep your house strong.

Rid yourself of termite troubles with Efekto

Are you facing termite problems in your garden or home? Efekto is here to help. Our products are made to fight termites effectively. This means you can feel calm, knowing your space will be free from those tiny terrors.

Keep your gardens green, your homes secure, and your spirits high! With a little help from Efekto, you’ll be winning the battle against those pesky termites in no time.

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