Your Autumn/Winter garden pest protection list

Hello, cooler weather! While the summer humidity eases off, autumn and winter garden pests will start to creep in. Not to worry though, we’re ready to help you tackle them with quick and effective pest protection solutions!


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These little pests love sucking the sap from tender, young plants like pansies, viola and any ornamental seedlings. By doing so, they weaken your freshly planted flowers or plants and stunt their growth.

Black aphids will also be out and about during this time. They will usually pop up after showers on ornamentals or new plant growth from plants after pruning.

Solution: Control these pests with Efekto Aphicide Plus applied as a drench.

Slugs and Snails

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Slugs and snails go on a garden rampage during autumn and winter months! They thrive in dark, cool and damp places and will be most active during the night. These slimy pests will munch on flower buds, ripe fruit ready for picking, roots and bulbs. They also love to strip away the bark from young trees and chomp holes in plant leaves.

Solution: Take back your garden from these pests with Efekto Snailban. To ensure the safety of Children and Pets remember you can use the Efekto Eco Snail Trap together with snail & slug pellets.


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Keep an eye out for small cabbage moth caterpillars. As their name suggests, these pests love cabbages. But they won’t turn down a feast in your vegetable garden when it comes to broccoli, cauliflower or any tender veg for that matter!

They tend to pop up after rain, so if you’ve already sprayed for them, spray once again after showers.

Solution: Take care of these pests with Efekto Cypermethrin 200EC.

Fungal Diseases

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Look out for these fungal diseases this season!

Black Spot

Black spot is a fungal disease that doesn’t just attack roses – it loves plump and fleshy stems and leaves of all kinds. To prevent this, be sure to clear away fallen foliage from your rose bushes.

Look For: Black splodges will appear on the upper part of the leaves and can even turn leaves yellow and defoliate your plants completely.

Solutions: Protect your plants from these pests with a spray of Funginex.

Powdery Mildew

Flowering blooms can fall victim to powdery mildew in the cooler, wetter weather.

Look For: Small pale or brown irregular marks on petals.

Solutions: As a preventative measure, spray with Efekto Rosecare 3 RTU before buds open, fortnightly.

Plant Rust

This disease loves mild, cold and damp weather and will go for canna lilies, snapdragons, geraniums and marigolds. Spores are spread by wind or water – which makes it a particularly nasty one!

Look For: Lots of tiny raised specks on leaves in orange, brown, yellow. Purple, red or rust colouring.

Solutions: Use Efekto Virikop to control this disease.

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