Which weedkiller and lawn care products are right for you?

Weeds pop up in all kinds of places. Sometimes, it is tough enough to figure out what types of weeds you are dealing with. But then comes the harder decision — which weed control product will get rid of those particular weeds? This guide is created to help you determine the weed types, but also common turf troubles and the lawn care products designed to treat them.

Wipe out weeds in your lawn and beyond

For all your weird and wonderful cases of weeds, we have gathered a collection of problems and products to help you dash them out for good.

  1. What can I spray to control tough broadleaved weeds in my lawn?
    Solution: Efekto Turfweeder 457.5 SL
    It may seem like magic, but this product kills tough broadleaf weeds. It works on broadleaved weeds like clover, dandelion and creeping sorrel.
  2. What can I spray to keep weeds out of my established lawn?
    Solution: Efekto Hormoban APM
    This product kills annual broadleaf weeds that have invaded your lawn. Read the label to make sure your weeds are listed.
  3. Is there something I can spray on newly planted lawns to keep weeds from growing?
    Solution: Efekto Banweed MCPA
    This product kills annual broadleaf weeds in newly planted lawns. Newly seeded lawns should be mowed 2-4 times before treatment.
  4. I have a small lawn area with weeds, along with a small crop of weeds. What can I use to treat this
    Solution: Efekto No Weed Lawn RTU
    Efekto No Weed Lawn Ready-To-Use formulation is a good choice for spot treatment of the occasional lawn weed.
  5. What can I use to kill bugweed, wattle and madeira vine?
    Solution: Efekto Garlon 4
    This is an easy solution to control difficult and potentially harmful woody weeds and vines. It kills these plants from the root up.
  6. How do I control weeds in gravelled areas in the garden, driveways and footpaths?
    Solution: Efekto Clear UP or Efekto No Weed Paving RTU
    This kills existing weeds and grasses. It’s perfect for areas like gravel driveways, footpaths, foundation zones or that no man’s land under the deck where you don’t want to have to pull weeds.

Expert weed and lawn care advice

Sometimes the weeding process requires a little expert encouragement. But don’t worry, you got this! Check these tips to ensure you navigate your weeding project with confidence.

  1. I can’t see my weeds dying. Should I reapply my weedkiller?
    Weeds will die slowly, and it may take up to three weeks before effects appear. Over applying the product can damage the lawn. If you have applied at the correct rate you will need to wait and monitor.
  2. Are weedkillers safe to use around pets and children?
    It is best to keep pets and children out of the area until the spray has dried. Applying on a day when weather conditions favour drying can reduce this time off your lawn.
  3. Can I mow my lawn before or after application of an Efekto broadleaf weedkiller?
    We recommend not to mow your lawn for three days before or after applying an Efekto broadleaf weedkiller. Make sure that you thoroughly spray all surfaces of the weed. Do not spray in windy conditions. Early morning or late afternoon spraying minimises the hazard to plants. Do not spray in wet conditions as the rain may lessen the effectiveness of the weed killer.

Pest and disease in the lawn

Last but not least — pest and disease. While weeds are a major suspect of turf troubles, pests and diseases also can be common culprits. We help you identify both the pest and solutions to use. 

  1. I have small, even, round brown patches on our lawn. How can I control it?
    Solution: Efekto Lawn Fungicide 500 EC
    Many common lawn diseases include brown patch and dollar spot, which appear as dying spots and patches of lawn. Diseases can be more common in lawn areas with compacted or poorly drained soil, in shaded areas, areas that are damp overnight and underfed lawns.
  2. I have moss growing in a shady area of the lawn. What can I control it with?
    Solution: Wonder Dolomitic Lime
    Moss thrives in acidic soils. Wonder Dolomitic Lime does not kill moss. However, when applied properly, it makes the soil more alkaline, which discourages moss growth.
  3. I have brown and bare areas in my lawn. What is it and how can I control It?
    Solution: Efekto Kamikaze or Efekto Cypermethrin 200 EC
    Harvester termites hiding in the lawn can be tricky. Efekto Kamikaze is easy-to-use and when carried back into the nest, it reaches the whole colony. Efekto Cypermethrin 200 EC can be applied to the whole lawn area when the harvester termites collect the cut or harvested grass and carry the treated grass into the nest.
  4. I have brown patches in our lawn that seem to be getting bigger, with birds picking at the lawn. What should I do?
    Solution: Wonder Lawn Pest & Green
    Infestations of lawn caterpillars usually peak between December to March every year. The brown patches are caused by the caterpillars gnawing away at your grass during the evenings. Check for lawn caterpillars by placing a wet towel on lawns overnight and check in the morning – they will stick to the underside of the towel.
  5. My lawn feels spongy underfoot, with dying spots. What is it?
    Solution: Efekto Plant Protector
    Mole crickets feed on roots and the burrowing activity that destroys the plant root system. First determine the size of the mole crickets by drenching an area on the lawn with a dishwashing liquid solution (50 ml dishwashing liquid per 10 litres water), where mole cricket activity is evident. Repeat the treatment when necessary. For best results, a preventative treatment can be applied at the end of October and repeated two months later, to prevent mole cricket outbreaks.
  6. I am seeing mounds of soil on my lawn. What is this caused by?
    Solution: Efekto Mole Repellent
    Moles burrowing habits can damage grass, flower beds and tear up tree roots, causing extensive damage to lawns and gardens. Move the molehill soil aside, locate the entrance to the tunnel, and pour 10ml of the liquid into the tunnel as deep as possible. Cover up with soil.

Square away your turf with lawn care products

Always read the directions for use, store chemicals safely, ensure adequate ventilation when mixing and note the appropriate first aid measures. Be sure to follow label directions carefully for best results. For information on product handling tips for lawn care products and more, read our guide, explore our technical sheets or ask a question.