Ultimate flea control and prevention

How do you get rid of fleas once they’ve spread indoors? It’s not uncommon for pet owners to deal with a flea infestation. But what if you’re tired of them coming back so often… We may have the pest control solution! Read on to discover how to take control and keep your pet as well as your home flea-free.

Identifying the Problem

Make sure it really is fleas that you’re dealing with… You’ll need to look for certain traits, such as:

  • Small jumping insects without wings
  • Dark brown in appearance
  • Hard bodies with longer back legs

How Did Fleas Get Into My Home?

There are more ways than you think for a flea to enter your home… And you don’t even have to own a pet for this to happen!

Firstly, fleas require animal blood as a food source, so to survive in your home they need either a wild or domestic animal to feed on. Secondly, it’s not just small wild or domestic animals that bring these pests indoors. Even though they don’t feed on humans, fleas can enter a home by hitching a ride in on a person.

How Do They Affect Me?

While they can leave you with an irritating itchy bite, for the most part, fleas pose very little threat to humans. When it comes to pets, though, flea bites can cause the following:

  • Hair-loss from constant scratching
  • Tapeworm infestation which is transmitted from fleas to pets (and can then be transmitted to humans)
  • Animals can contract the plague from fleas.

Get Rid of The Problem in 3 Steps

Getting rid of fleas is easier than you think. Follow these three steps – and ensure you complete them one after the other or enlist the help of others to carry them out at the same time.

Failure to complete all three steps within the same time frame could leave you with a residual infestation… Meaning you may have to carry the steps out ALL OVER again!

Step One: Target Adult Fleas

Pet owners, start by using over the counter treatments that target fleas on your furry friend. Before using anything, ensure that your pest prevention solutions are pet-friendly – like our Karbadust Dog Shampoo. If you’re unsure, it’s best to consult a veterinarian.

Step Two: Target Flea Larvae

Next, you’re going to have to get rid of any larvae lying around. Wash anything that has been in contact with your pet and at the highest temperature possible – sheets, blankets, couch cushions, pet bedding etc. Vacuum the couch, carpets and anywhere else you can think of. Be sure to empty out the vacuum bag after doing so.

Step Three: Home Treatment

Lastly, you’ll need to treat your home with an indoor pesticide – like our No Insect Indoors Fleas & Bedbugs spray. Remember to read the instructions carefully and allow the spray to dry thoroughly before bringing your pet back inside. To prevent future infestations you can spray your home with this product periodically too.

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