Summer lawn care: how to maintain your lawn in every climate

Achieving a lush and healthy-looking garden in summer is possible! We break down the steps to getting the greatest, greenest yard you’ve had yet with this guide to summer lawn care.

Turf tricks and summer lawn care

Having the lawn of your dreams is not an urban legend. With the right approach and method, anyone can maintain a lawn — in any climate. We tackle lawn care with our garden maintenance guide and our lawn care video tutorial designed to help you conquer your summer lawn care.

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Maintaining existing lawns

Regular mowing keeps your lawn looking neat. When you mow your lawn, adjust your settings to increase your cutting height. Aim for seven centimetres high. This leaves behind enough grass to protect its crowns and runners from the sun’s intense heat. A longer, thicker sward (ground covered with grass) also helps keep the soil and roots cooler. Although a little messy, removing only a third of the grass clippings helps keep your grass cool.

Tool maintenance

Keep your mowing blades sharp! Blunt blades will pull at your lawn instead of slicing cleanly through the blades of grass — contributing to a yellow and brown raggedy lawn. Sharpen your blades about every eight mowings. Then, wash your blades after each mow and dry them completely to avoid rusting.

Weed-free, luscious lawns

Stay prickle free this summer by controlling broadleaf weeds and creeping sorrel. To stop creeping sorrel from taking over your turf, spray lawns with Efekto Hormoban APM or Efekto TurfweederTM 457,5 SL. Treat weeds in established lawns and turf with Efekto No Weed Lawn RTU.

Tips and tricks for summer lawn care

Dry, arid climates

Maintaining a thriving lawn during dry, hot summers is possible with the right routine.

  • Keep your lawn ventilated — move furniture and toys regularly.
  • Don’t leave items on your lawn overnight.
  • Avoid drying out your new lawns — deep water about twice a week.
  • Keep grass blades longer to provide shade and reduce water evaporation.
  • Walk different paths over the lawn (to avoid wearing down trails).

Wet, humid conditions

While dry lawns lead to barren grounds, having a wet or soggy lawn has adverse effects — like teeming with pest activity! Lawns with standing water can cause a whole host of issues, from breeding pests to fungus.

Regulate a saturated lawn and control pests

  • Monitor your lawn and apply a fungicide when needed. Use Efekto Lawn Fungicide 500EC for fungi like dollar spot or powdery mildew.
  • Check your gutters for built-up debris and all water runoff points, to direct water flow and avoid flooding.
  • Remove excessive tree branches to allow in more sunlight for shady areas.
  • Observe the ground for any signs of pests like moles, grubs, and lawn crickets. Look out for puddles, which will lead to prime mosquito breeding grounds.
    • Moles thrive in soft, damp ground — it makes for the perfect tunnelling and feasting conditions. Use Mole Repellent and read our guide to mole solutions
    • Mole crickets are highly evolved for burrowing and swimming, making wet grounds an ideal place for them. Use Efekto Plant Protector to stop them from destroying your young newly planted lawns.
    • Mosquitoes thrive in hot and humid conditions: Don’t let your lawn become another surface for them to multiply — use Efekto Malasol concentrate or Bio Kill Extra GT RTU to control them.

Pain-in-the-grass-free lawns

All the best on mastering your summer lawn care routine. For more questions, ask an expert or contact us. And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for regular pest control advice and free digital pest control handbooks.