Preparing for spring: Your lawn care action plan 

When the winter begins to thaw, it’s time for garden enthusiasts to turn their attention to lawn care. Here’s our all-inclusive quick guide on how to use our products to ensure a healthy and weed-free lawn this coming spring.

Building a healthy foundation 

Effective lawn care begins beneath the surface. For a lush, green lawn, prepare your soil with Wonder Super Phosphate and Wonder Organic Vita-Boost. These products nourish the soil and deliver essential nutrients and trace elements that promote a healthy, vibrant lawn. They also help grow strong roots. This is really important for your lawn to stay healthy, especially when it’s really dry or there’s a lot of stress on it.

To enhance your lawn care routine, consider incorporating Wonder Kelp. This product improves soil health, activates soil microbes, facilitates nutrient uptake, and stimulates deep root development. And for a simple and effective lawn fertiliser, use Wondersol All Purpose on a weekly basis—it’s suitable for all lawn types!

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The next step in lawn care: Weed ‘em and reap

Unwanted weeds can sneak up on you during the cooler months, attempting to overtake your meticulously cared-for lawn. But, with Efekto No Weed Lawn RTU, you can keep them under control with careful spot sprays.

​​Efekto No Weed Lawn RTU is a powerful, easy-to-use weed killer specially designed for established lawns and turf. 

  • Suitable for various grass cultivars, including Bradley, Elliot, Germiston, Hall’s Selection, Harrismith, and more, it comes in a convenient 750 ml size. 
  • This potent weed killer mimics the natural hormones in plants, causing abnormal growth that eventually leads to the plant’s death. 
  • Not only does it quickly absorb into the plant’s leaves, stems, and roots, but it also limits the plant’s ability to perform essential functions like transpiration and photosynthesis. 
  • For best results, follow the instructions on the package. 

When it comes to taking care of larger spaces of grass, an effective weed killer becomes a gardener’s best friend. Let’s take a look at how you can get the best results using Efekto’s range of weedkillers, designed specifically for your unique lawn care needs.

Efekto Hormoban APM is a water-soluble concentrate herbicide that provides a broad spectrum of control against broadleaf weeds. Its main features include:

  • Broad spectrum control against common broad-leaved weeds in turf
  • Does not harm grass when used as directed
  • Controls a wide range of weeds
  • Highly effective when correctly applied

To get the best results from Efekto Hormoban APM, it’s essential to understand how it works. It mimics naturally-occurring plant hormones to induce abnormal cell growth in sensitive plants, limiting important processes like transpiration and photosynthesis. The result is a weeded-out lawn without harming the grass.

Another effective solution for your lawn care routine is Efekto Banweed MCPA. This soluble concentrate herbicide targets annual broadleaf weeds in lawns and turf. Its main features include:

  • Broad spectrum control of common broad-leaved weeds in newly planted lawns
  • Suitable for use on Buffalo Lawns
  • Does not harm grass when used as directed

Efekto Banweed MCPA also works by mimicking naturally-occurring plant hormones, limiting vital plant processes to ensure that your lawn remains weed-free. Mix this product with Efekto G49 Wetter to make your lawn care regimen even more effective. This surfactant enhances spray solutions’ wetting and spreading properties, making your weed killer more effective. It’s handy for tackling weeds with waxy leaf surfaces, like annual grasses.


Tackling lawn diseases

No matter how robust your lawn care routine is, diseases can still pose a threat. Brown leaves on your lawn could be a sign of a fungal infection, a problem you shouldn’t ignore.

Enter Efekto Lawn Fungicide 500EC, a solution designed to keep your lawn healthy by controlling diseases. This fungicide’s power lies in propiconazole, its active ingredient. Upon application, propiconazole is swiftly absorbed, reaching the plants within an hour. It then travels upward through the plants, ensuring a wide distribution in ‌plant tissue and resistance to being washed away.

Pests and disease cause amount of damage to green lawns, lawn in bad condition and need maintaining

Take control of pests

When you’ve poured time and effort into your lawn care, the last thing you want is to see pests like crickets, ants, and lawn caterpillars wreaking havoc. That’s where Efekto Everdeath comes into play. Apply this and water your lawn thoroughly for optimal results.

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Lawn care with Efekto

With careful preparation and the right products, you can master lawn care and enjoy a vibrant, weed-free lawn all year. Trust Efekto’s comprehensive range of insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides to provide your lawn with the care it needs. 

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