Prep for your summer vacation with Efekto’s bait stations and traps

Summer vacations are the break you deserve. But what about your home? Pests love empty spaces. The last thing you want post-holiday is to deal with an infestation. If you’re holidaying away, ensure you don’t come back to a pest party with Efekto’s bait stations and traps. 

Pest-proof your home while on holiday 

Bait stations 

Bait stations are a no-brainer. A bait station is designed to combat pests. It has an entrance for pests to enter, find the toxic bait, consume it, and carry it back to their nest, sharing the fatal feast with others. Here are Efekto’s offerings:

Eco Rat™ with Bait Station: A ready-to-use rodenticide soft block bait for controlling mice and Norwegian or Roof rats. The station locks to keep the bait away from children and pets, ensuring safety while tackling the rodent issue.

  • Garage: This is a favourite spot for rodents. Position bait stations near walls, behind appliances, or near any food storage areas.
  • Kitchen: Behind the refrigerator or under the sink are good spots, as rodents often seek food and water.
  • Laundry room: Place a bait station near washing machines or dryers where rodents might seek warmth.
 A pest-free kitchen pictured with plants, cutting boards and other kitchen utensils on selves and counter tops.

No Ant Bait Station: These bait stations are designed to control ant populations by placing them strategically indoors and around the home while away on vacation. 

  • Kitchen: Near the pantry, under the sink, or any areas where you notice ant trails.
  • Bathroom: Near windows or other openings where ants might enter.
  • Entry points: Near doors, windows, and any cracks in the walls, which can be entry points for ants.

Zero Roach Bait: Like the other bait stations, Zero Roach Bait is designed to help control pest infestations in your home. Place them in roach-prone areas to control cockroaches.

  • Kitchen: Under the sink, behind the refrigerator, and near the stove or other warm areas where roaches might congregate.
  • Bathroom: Behind toilets, under sinks, and near drainage areas where roaches can find moisture.
  • Laundry room: Behind or under appliances where roaches might hide.

Pest traps 

Efekto’s pest traps are your garden and home’s best friend. They’re designed to attract and trap various pests, providing a safe and effective solution to keep your surroundings comfortable and pest-free, both indoors and outdoors.

Eco Snail & Slug Trap: Shield plants from the damage caused by slugs and snails with Eco Snail & Slug Trap. These pests are attracted to the trap, providing a protective barrier for your garden plants

  • Garden beds: Place these traps amidst your flower beds or vegetable patches to catch slugs and snails.
  • Plant bases: Place them at the base of plants frequently targeted by slugs and snails.

Eco Trap A Roach: Ensure a roach-free kitchen by deploying these discreet traps under the sink, near the garbage bin, or behind appliances. They are designed to lure and trap roaches, keeping your cooking space comfortable and pest-free even while you’re away.

  • Kitchen: Under the sink, behind the refrigerator, or near food storage areas are ideal spots to place this roach trap.
  • Bathroom: Near drain openings or under cabinets where roaches may hide.
  • Laundry room: Behind or under appliances where roaches might seek refuge.
A pest-free bathroom that features a mirror, sink, toilet, shower, and bath.

More effective pest control methods

Bio Kill Extra GT: Before heading out, spray Bio Kill Extra GT in common insect-prone areas like your kitchen, bathroom, and near entry points. This ready-to-use product helps keep unwelcome insects at bay, ensuring you return to a bug-free home.

Kitchen: Spray around the sink, garbage bin, and pantry.

Bathroom: Spray around drains, windows, and under sinks.

Entry points: Spray near doors, windows, and any other openings to deter insects from entering while you’re away.

By including Bio Kill Extra GT in your pre-vacation home prep, you add an extra layer of protection against insect invasions.

Ready, set, vacation!

Prepping for vacation should include pest control. With Efekto’s bait stations and traps, it’s easy. Check out the full range on our product page. Go enjoy your December holidays knowing your home is pest-free.

 A silhouette of a family jumping and playing on the beach and in the ocean water, as the sun sets.

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