Pest control tips for your home

It’s that time of the year again, and with the warmer weather approaching, we’ve compiled some tips for you to keep those pests under control. We offer a diverse range of natural products that are reliable and effective, which will assist you in a variety of pest situations.

1. Ensure windows and doors are sealed

Your first line of defence is to limit pests from entering your home. Inspect for any holes and cracks throughout the house and be sure to seal any that you find. Get your hands on some caulk and fill in gaps and cracks. For gaps indoors, you can use a door seal with a rubber strip.

2. Ants getting you down?

Did you know – Ants can lift up to 20 times their own bodyweight? No wonder they can be so pesky. Get your hands on our Efekto No Insect Indoors spray for ants. It’s a ready to use insecticide which contains a knockdown agent that’s fast-acting. The ready to use formulation offers effective coverage of surfaces and can be used both inside and outside of your home. Don’t forget s to spray spots like along windowsills and between walls. You should also trim plants against your house as these provide “ant bridges” into your home.

Pest control tips for your Home

3. Reduce clutter

Clutter in your space is an open invitation for pests and provides them with a hidden home. Set aside some time at least once a week to look at your home properly and declutter. Pests love warm, cosy, dark spaces – so get rid of those pile of boxes that you have had sitting in that corner of your room for months. The same goes for your pantry. Anything that is open should be in tightly sealed storage containers.

Pest control tips for your Home

4. Protect your pets

If you have pets, ensure that they are free of ticks, mites and other pests. Our Efekto Bio Kill Pet Care product is a ready to use product for the control of ticks and fleas on dogs. It’s biodegradable, environmentally friendly and does not stain the fur. Simply shake and apply on and around the bedding and kennel area. Be sure to also keep your pets’ bowels clean and wipe up any spilled food or water daily. Pet food should be stored away in sealed containers.

Pest control tips for your Home

5. Take care of plumbing issues

If you have any leaky faucets or pipes that need to be fixed, it’s best you take care of them as soon as possible. Your plumbing issues may be the reason why you have a pest issue. Did you know that water leaks attract rodents? Ensure that you do occasional leak checks – it will also save you on your water bill.

Pest control tips for your Home

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