Pest control health and safety: how to navigate solutions for best results

So, you just identified your pest control problem and found the perfect solution. Great! But now, you face the next step — how to handle the product? Approaching pest control health and safety is crucial for both your well-being and those around you. Correctly understanding, using and storing the product is imperative. Efekto wants to ensure you are well equipped to take on this critical phase of product responsibility. Keep this guide bookmarked for future referral and send it to family and friends to help them with all their home and garden pest control.

Get pesticide savvy with Efekto

Taking on the world of pest control health and safety is an important one. And to stay compliant with poison regulations while fully informing you of all the necessary resources, we have vital technical information available on all our products and online. Additionally, we want to provide as much accessible material as possible, so we have easy-to-follow video tutorials Let’s Talk Gardening series. For our full video archive on materials and their applications, subscribe and watch our Efekto Youtube channel.

Pest control health and safety checklist

The first step to working with any pesticides, herbicides and rodenticides requires a thorough read of the provided information. This is to have a well-informed understanding of the product along each step of the treatment process.

Unpackaging and handling

When it comes time to unpack and assemble the product materials, do so on on a protected surface cover. Use either newspaper or a plastic cover on a surface away from children and pets, preferably outside. Also use personal protective equipment (PPE) like gloves, goggles and protective clothing to prevent accidental splashing or contamination.

Caring for treated areas

Take care to read each product packaging and inserts, as certain product strengths will be greater than others. Whether a product says it is usable on crops or must get applied in areas away from livestock or pets, this information is important to the product. Treat each product accordingly in each unique application. Use chemicals properly where indicated. Only use outdoor approved material in the correct spaces and never indoors, as it will have higher toxicity than on indoor strength product.

Storage and best environments

Once you have used your product for a single application and have leftovers in the container, be sure to lock away pest control items, with limited access. When you are considering where to keep your pest control items, there are a number of points to keep in mind. ● Keep dry materials away from wet materials. 

  • Keep products away from water, direct sunlight, freezing temperatures and extreme heat. 
  • Separate toxic materials from food, fertiliser, animal feed, potable water supplies, veterinary materials, and any PPE. 
  • Always look at individual product storing directions on the label and packaging to inform your decision.

Spills and cleaning

Accidents do happen and we want you to be best prepared for when they do occur. Avoid seepage by using plastic leak-proof trays under items while storing to avoid direct contact with shelving or counter surfaces.

When you have experienced a spill, use absorbent materials. Never attempt to spray away the contents with water. Keep clay, pet litter and activated charcoal on hand to absorb the product for easier clean-up.

Once finished with a product, clean any used sprayers after each use. Always wash containers three times once emptied. Fill the container to ⅓ full and swish the contents. Never reuse an empty pesticide container and always read the product label and packaging for proper disposal.

Reading symbols and understanding them

Always read and follow label directions, especially our warning strips and resources to help you approach and understand products better.

Efekto takes great pride in optimising and providing the best options for your pest control needs. As such, we develop ranges like our Efekto Eco solutions for natural pest control which have a reduced risk of secondary poisoning.

Emergency contact information and resources

If accidental contact or ingestion occurs, use the following information and contact an expert.

Griffon Poison Information Centre

A leader in the world of predation. This organisation is another great resource to look to for more information on poisons and secondary poisoning.

Call: +27-82-446-8946

South Africa’s Tygerberg Poison Information Centre

Explore these poison information charts available in South Africa’s 11 official languages. Call: 0861-555-777

Stay pest free and well informed

As a market leader in garden and home pesticides since 1973, Efekto wants to ensure pest control health and safety using quality solutions. Whenever you are in doubt, be sure to contact us and ask an expert for any product-related questions.