Pest control advice: Watch Tanya Visser share expert tips using Efekto and Wonder

We are excited to announce that in October and November 2023, Tanya Visser will be exploring pest control on her show featuring some top products from both Efekto and Wonder! As one of South Africa’s top gardening experts, Tanya will unpack common gardening issues and demonstrate her pest control advice in various scenarios. Tune in to DSTV’s Home Channel 176 for these special weekly episodes – and read on for an exclusive sneak peek at the show content.

Pro pest control advice with Tanya Visser and Efekto

When it comes to gardening, Tanya Visser is one name that will almost always come up. Between hosting her own show, innovating a range of gardening accessories and speaking at her exciting events, she is one person you don’t want to miss.

Over the course of October, Tanya will present five garden topics, best practices and her recommended solutions for each situation. From plant health to pest treatment and prevention, follow along every show as she unpacks and explains essential garden know-how.

Outdoor Container Plants: 26 Sept – 01 Oct

For the first episode of the month, Tanya will explore plant containers. For anyone new to container planting, this method of growing is not only versatile but a great solution for optimising space. In addition, she shares some great tips on making the most of any container.

Products Tanya uses in this episode:

  • Efekto Garden Gun – This ready-to-use spray is a quick and easy all-in-one solution to treat plant insect pests both indoors and outdoors.
Top view of garden accessories in a pot with white gloves on the side.

Controlling Snails: 03 Oct – 08 Oct

With warmer weather settling in, residents living in summer rain regions of South Africa are well aware of the slug and snail season. The tender and juicy foliage is just too tempting for all these sneaky slimy pests. To be best prepared, Tanya identifies what attracts slugs and snails, explains their habits, and how to be one step ahead with the right solutions.

Products Tanya uses in this episode:

  • Efekto Eco Snail and Slug Trap – A compact, safe and effective trap for slugs and snails that works without using any chemicals, making it a great option for gardens, especially your vegetable & fruit gardens.
Close-up view of an image of a snail on a vibrant green stem.

Don’t Tolerate Weeds: 10 Oct – 15 Oct

Unfortunately, weeds will always creep up in lawns, containers, paving and pathways. We can pull and tug all we want, but we will never get to the root of the cause. This is where Tanya steps in to explain the importance of solutions that use systemic action (when a product is absorbed and spread throughout the plant and root systems). She shares some important points on how to safely and effectively apply weed killer to avoid and control the full extent of weed damage in all possible scenarios and settings.

Products Tanya uses in this episode:

  • Efekto Banweed MPCA – A weed solution that is dynamically designed to control common broad-leaved weeds while not killing lawn grass.
  • Efekto No Weed Paving – A ready-to-use spray that is powerful enough to control grasses, annual broadleaf weeds and certain perennial broadleaf weeds and hedges, yet safe enough to be used on paving and surrounding areas.
Close-up view of hands and spray bottle being sprayed over plants.

Alien Invaders: 17 Oct – 22 Oct

As a country that is proudly home to over 9,000 plant species (of which 70% is found nowhere else in the world) and is one of only six floral kingdoms in the world, South Africa has a duty to protect its natural, native habitats. Tanya explains the importance of maintaining gardens that support local plants, the effects of invasive plant species on local flora, and how to treat foreign trees and shrubs.

Products Tanya uses in this episode:

  • Efekto Garlon™ 4 – This solution is carefully designed to disrupt the hormones of invader shrubs and trees. It is a sound option for American bramble, eucalyptus, certain acacia species and other listed invader plants.

Keep Your Perennials Going: 24 Oct – 29 Oct

Are you familiar with perennials? For those that are a bit green to gardening, perennials are any type of plant that “persists for several years”, and develops growing season to growing season from a surviving part. Tanya shares how to ensure your perennial’s best growth and health through planning, planting, pruning and feeding.

Products Tanya uses in this episode:

  • Wonder Plant Starter All Purpose – Achieve strong luscious foliage growth, fruiting and flowering with this complete fertiliser that includes a balanced blend of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
  • Wonder Rose & Flower – Unlock the best foliage development, quality bud formulation and pest and disease resistance with this specially developed fertiliser for roses, flowering shrubs and garden plants.  
Middle view of a white watering can and flowers in the foreground.

Tune in for all Tanya’s tips and tricks

With so much in store, be sure to catch all of Tanya’s episodes on pest control advice for your best garden results yet. For more information on the featured products, chat with our teams at Efekto and Wonder.