Master Cypress aphid treatment: Conifer pest prevention and care

Do you have conifers in your garden? This guide was developed to assist you in approaching conifer care, particularly Cypress aphid treatment. Cypress aphids are a common pest that can drain the life out of your plants. They can be found on the following conifers, Skyrocket, Gold Crest, Stricta and Castlewellan Gold. With the right methods, you can protect and prevent future pest invasions. Read on to arm yourself with insights to ensure your conifers thrive.

aphid treatment and control for cypress

Beat pest invasions with knowledge and expert-designed Cypress aphid treatment

During the colder months, we tend to slow down and scale back pest control efforts. One of the vital steps to your winter garden care routine should involve a Cypress aphid treatment. To reinforce your autumn and winter pest prevention plan, explore our Autumn/Winter garden pest protection checklist that addresses Cypress aphid and other pests you are likely to encounter.

Cinara cupressi - the cypress aphids on a thuja shoot at high manification

Pests that suck: Cypress aphid on conifers

The Cypress aphid is a sap-sucking pest that secretes poison into its host plant. Cypress aphids are 1.8 —1.9 mm long and yellowish-brown in colour, with a rich coating of tiny hairs causing them to seem greyish. A black stripe runs down either side of the upper body, especially near the head. They are difficult to see since their colour resembles the bark and they might be wingless or winged.

You’ll be able to identify the first main symptoms of Cypress aphid on your conifer as honeydew (a sticky substance found on the plant or leaves). This then not only attracts ants but also leads to sooty mould and then eventual conifer dieback.

Treat Cypress aphid as an inevitable

These pests attack in clustered colonies on the weakest part of the plant like young stems, leaves and buds. Conifer damage from Cypress aphid occurs in all regions – meaning care and preventative measures need to be taken on every conifer. These pests are prominent in winter, though you are likely to only see the effects between late spring and early summer. However, by the time these warmer seasons arrive, it is too late to take action. Once the tree goes brown you cannot recover it.

Unfortunately, you cannot snip off the dead or infected parts of the tree as a preventative measure. We recommend you use insecticides throughout winter for aphid damage prevention.

aphid treatment for damaged cypress conifers

Insecticide solutions

Explore the following scenarios to find out which solution is best suited for your needs.

For conifers 2 metres tall or in a pot

Use Efekto Aphicide which is designed to specifically treat Cypress aphid, as well as mealy bugs, woolly Cypress aphid, psylla and scale insects. It can be applied to garden shrubs and trees, as well as flowering plants, vegetables, fruit and edible plants. Apply it every two weeks to keep your conifers shielded.

For conifers above 2 metres

For more established conifers, we recommend using either Efekto Plant Protector concentrate or Efekto Insecticide Granules Plus. Use either of these two solutions every 8 weeks to ensure your conifers are well protected.

healthy cypress conifer shoots

Tips to grow stunning conifers

Preventing pest invasions is the first step to ensuring a healthy conifer– the second step requires nourishment. Depending on where your conifer is growing, it will determine the type of product you need to use.

Conifers in the ground

Feed them with Wonder Organic Vita-Boost. This all-purpose organic fertiliser is made from earthworm castings, a concentration of minerals and vital organic content perfect to help your conifer thrive. Simply apply 25 – 50 g/m² of Wonder Organic Vita-Boost in the drip area of your shrubs and trees in the early spring. Thereafter, repeat every four weeks throughout the season.

Potted conifers

Fertilise with Wondersol All Purpose, a secret weapon for healthy plants. This solution contains an organic growth stimulant and helps to manage plant stress. It can be applied to all gardens to generate healthy plants, trees and lawns.

Conquer conifer Cypress aphid treatment before its too late

Get ahead of future pest invasions with proactive and preventative Cypress aphid treatment. For more guidance on garden and home pests, explore our blog and guides.