Lawn care for luscious spring growth

Lawn care for luscious spring growth

Spring is here! This means new shoots, blossoming buds, and for avid gardeners, lawn maintenance. In fact, September is arguably the most important time of year for lawn care. Giving your lawn the right maintenance and nutrients will support the resurgence of growth that happens naturally during spring. Not to mention prevent pesky pests and lawn disease. Ready to get to work on your garden? Follow the tips below for successful September lawn care and maintenance. (And click here to explore our full range of lawn and plant care products.)

Spring lawn care 101:

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Mow and clear your lawn

The first step in your lawn care regimen is to mow your lawn. This will help prevent thatch build-up, enabling healthy grass growth. Once you’re finished mowing, be sure to clear away the clippings properly so your lawn is ready to receive nutrients. And be sure to give it a good watering afterwards. We recommend you do your mowing and watering in the mornings so the grass has plenty of time to dry during the day. This reduces the risk of lawn disease.

Spike and aerate your lawn

By the end of winter, the soil in your garden is bound to be compacted. So, after giving your lawn a trim, loosen it up with a pitchfork or specialised aeration tool. With a pitchfork, you can simply push and pull the tool in and out of the soil to achieve proper aeration. It’s an easy enough process – you just need a strong arm for the job!

Fertilise your lawn

As soon as you finish aerating your lawn, lay down a quality granular fertiliser, like Wonder Deep Green, Wonder Lawn and Leaf, or Wonder Pest and Green. The fertiliser you choose should depend on the health of your lawn, so be sure to analyse its condition first. And watch out for broadleaf weeds! If your lawn has a weed problem, order Efekto Turfweeder and apply it after the fertiliser. The product contains three powerful herbicides for selective control of common broad-leaved weeds in turf. As an alternative, you can try Efekto No Weed Lawn for smaller areas of lawn – just be sure to apply it correctly to achieve effective results.

Treat your lawn

Lawn disease can be a real pain to manage. But preventing it can be as easy as applying some  Efekto Lawn Fungicide. The emulsifiable concentrate fungicide is specially designed for the control of common lawn diseases, such as brown patch lawn disease, dollar spot, rust, powdery mildew, and leafspot lawn disease. 

Plan your spring lawn care project today

We have provided you with all the lawn care tips and products you need to get your greenery in tip-top shape for the spring months ahead. And if you keep up with your mowing and maintenance, you’re sure to experience continued healthy growth right through summer too! So, with that said, are you ready to get gardening?

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