How to prepare for a pest free party

Ants at a picnic? Flies at a festive gathering? Mosquitoes at a braai? Hosting a party is stressful enough without unwanted guests. Complete your event planning and eliminate irritating pests with a thorough checklist. Kick out the creepy crawlies and kick off the party with this sure-fire guideline.

Pest free prep

Having a pest free event is possible. To start your planning, read through our room by room guide if you plan to host your event indoors at home. If you plan to host an outdoors event, you will need some more preparation. 

The pest free party checklist


One of the tops tips – if you can accommodate it – is to host your event during the day. Mosquitoes are most active and likely to bite during dawn and dusk. That golden hour light may be the best for pictures, but it is also primetime for blood thirsty pests. If your event is at night, there are still ways to use effective measures to eliminate pests presence.

Location, location, location 

Use fans indoors

This trick may require an extension cord, but your future self will thank you. Keeping a fan lightly blowing over food on tabletops and general sitting spaces will keep any weak flying insects at a distance. Additionally, mosquitoes get attracted to exhaled carbon dioxide. A fan helps to dilute and circulate air chemicals.


In addition to monitoring the time you host, you also need to inspect your outdoor venue.

Drain standing water 

Mosquitoes thrive around standing water, using it as a breeding ground. Anything that could harbor a small pool or puddle needs thorough inspection, then emptying or covering. Think of everything from buckets to bird baths, kiddie pools, swampy backyard corners and blocked gutters.

Mow the lawn

Not only does mowing the lawn regularly keep a sleek and maintained look for a backyard gathering, it removes bugs that are in hiding places like tall grass and weeds. For weeding solutions, try our range designed for lawn and paving

Cover food and drinks

Sugary drinks, alcohol, and open platters are the equivalent to a food fair for ants and flies. Cover open containers like bottles, cans and glasses with a cupcake liner with a straw poked through and use mesh nets or food domes for plates and bowls. 

Keep clean

Be sure to remove any rogue pet droppings that will attract flies. Keep trash receptacles away from food and sitting areas, attached with a firmly secured lid. Throw away bottles, cups and plates as soon as a guest finishes a drink or a meal, 

Pest free solutions and tools

Further precautions involve using carefully placed nets and insect repellent. A popular and simple solution is to use citronella candles. Use Supa Kill Fly Candle against both flies and mosquitoes for up to 20 hours of protection. 

To complete your defenses against pests, arm yourself with ranges designed for each pest attempting to gatecrash your party. If you are struggling with ants, Efekto’s ant product range provides solutions in bait, powders and sprays to assist in reinforcing. 

If you have a tree near your hosting area, supplement your protection with fly traps hung in branches.

Lastly, use the Efekto Home Protection product range to combat flying insects, cockroaches and more. 

Put the fun back in function

We hope your next event is a pest free success. For more information on products or advice, contact us for expert insight.