Home and garden pest protection for a pet home

Every pet owners worst nightmare: a tick and flea invasion. We know that heartstopping realisation when it hits. Your precious pooches’ pet home deserves safety and protection. Not only is it a worry for your beloved buddy, but it also poses real threats to you and your family’s well-being as well. To gain the upper hand in the fight against these fiends, we have great ideas and solutions to return peace to your home. 

Creating a pest-free pet home 

When tackling threats to your pet home, you need to make sure you identify and address each pest. If you think you may have fleas, learn how to spot them in our guide to ultimate flea control and prevention. Whereas if you think you have more than fleas, check out our problem solver for other pests like ticks. 

Solutions to help you and your pet 

Fleas and ticks are common household issues addressed by using simple tips and tools. To begin, always look at the perimeter of your home, how you enter it and the ways you enforce pest prevention around it. A good start: treating your garden as the first barrier to your home.

Using your garden as a frontline of defence 

Any home can be susceptible to ticks and fleas. The trick to ridding it from, and preventing a future invasion: use as many tactics as possible. The first step: use pet-friendly plants that have strong chemical properties which act as deterrents. Rosemary, garlic, catnip and chrysanthemums are great examples of plants you can add to your flower beds. Not only do these plants serve as fabulous ingredients for dishes and teas, but their powerful scents act as deter unwanted pests. To protect these green guards, be sure to reinforce them against aphids and whitefly with Efekto Garden Gun

Best practices to make your garden unattractive for pests

Ticks and fleas thrive in moist and warm areas. You will find them in prime spots like damp and shaded underbrush during summer. The best combative measure here is to make your garden as inhospitable for unwanted guests as possible. Dry, aerate and clear away extra foliage like fallen leaves, branches and clippings. Mow and regularly trim grasses, bushes and trees. Focus especially on clearing away moss and vegetation around the base of trees. This includes carefully monitoring your weeds. Maintain a regular weeding routine and make sure to fortify your efforts by using a full range of weed removal products. If you stack firewood and kindling, use a dry area. 

Secure and ensure pet home protection

Once you have created your outdoor barrier with your garden, the next step is to use specific treatments to destroy any sign of fleas and ticks indoors. For your pet, we suggest first giving your dog a thorough bath with Efekto Karbawash Pet Shampoo. This wettable powder shampoo works on contact as a dip for both fleas and ticks. The next step, double your pet’s protection with Efekto Bio Kill Pet Care. This spray is long-lasting, does not stain fur and best used in and around kennels and dog beds. Lastly, use Efekto Karbadust for cats and dogs. Sprinkle in the powder weekly, or as often as needed, and comb out the powder when using on cats.

For additional measures for the remainder of the home and comfort of family members, use a carefully formulated insecticide. Use Efekto No Insect Indoors NF Fleas & Bedbugs RTU. Just shake and spray surfaces where you notice any signs of pests.

Tick off staying pest-free

We hope this advice helps you tackle all your pest problems. If you have more questions for your pet home or household, contact us for more information from our Efekto experts.