Gardening tips: Transitioning from winter to spring for a pest-free garden

South African gardens undergo much seasonal change. From withstanding the intense heat of summer to undergoing considerable cold in peak winter — transforming from thriving spaces to dormant ones. But don’t let the cold quiet period fool you. This is a prime time to focus your efforts on assessing your garden’s ability to transition to spring without letting in any pests. Use our seasonal gardening tips checklist to fool-proof your gardening and pest control routine from winter into spring.

Understand pest control for a better spring transition

Life in the garden does not stop when winter hits. You may notice how growth slows, but there is much happening right before our eyes. Familiarise yourself with these by using our gardening tips autumn and winter garden pest protection list. This guide walks you through which pests to look out for and the solutions that will assist you in keeping your garden defended well into spring.

One of the top tips for a successful spring transition lookout for overwintering pests. This is when pests either take refuge in your home’s warmth over winter, or in the soil during their pupae stage. These include mites and sap-sucking aphids. Control these pests from tucking themselves in your garden beds with Efekto Insecticide Granules Plus, Efekto Malasol and Efekto Plant Protector.

Pest control gardening tips for a successful spring

Use these top gardening tips to help you tackle the winter to spring transition. Efforts made throughout the cold of winter will ensure your plant’s protection and decrease the possibility of pest damage.

Winter garden preparation and routine

  • Protect your stone fruit at their pink bud stage by spraying them with Efekto Virikop to control leaf curl.
  • Be sure to remove any overwintering pests and diseases by spraying deciduous fruits trees with a winter clean-up spray like Efekto Kumulus WG and Efekto Oleum.

Spring routine

  • Be sure to only prune in spring (learn why and how with our Pruning 101 guide).
  • Aerate your lawn and compacted beds with a garden fork. Then feed it with a quality lawn fertiliser like Wonder Vitaliser Lawn & Leaf Bio-Carbon Green Boost. Apply it in the drip area of shrubs in the early spring and repeat every four weeks throughout the season.
  • Keep an eye on the slime trails of slugs and snails and use our guide to snail and slug treatment and prevention. These pests can devastate a crop without a watchful eye and careful pest control routine. Efekto’s range of slug and snails solutions are sure to curb damage from these slimy suspects.
  • With wet weather on its way from spring rains, be sure to look out for common pests like mildew, black spot, and aphids. To keep all of these spring weather pests at bay, explore our problem solver for our comprehensive solutions

Wake your garden from winter and step into spring

After a long season of chilly temperatures, you are sure to experience the rewards of a fruitful spring. For more information on how to protect your garden going into spring, contact our experts for pest control gardening tips. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive our complete eBook guide to spring pest control for the garden and home, sent straight to your inbox.