Festive season pest guide: Don’t let pests become guests

The pest guide to pest-proofing your home

The decorations are up, your local supermarket is decked out in red and green, and there is a general feeling of jolliness in the air. The upcoming holiday season is in full swing – and there is so much on your to-do list already! As you prepare for your holiday parties and family feasts, there are other unwanted guests waiting to make their way into your home and ruin your festive cheer. Rodents, bed bugs, roaches; they’re all waiting to sneak inside. Our pest guide is here to help you make sure you have a pest-free celebration.

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Household pests that want an invite

In the rush to decorate, bake, and do all of your gift wrapping, it is easy to overlook signs of pests. Be on the lookout for these common pests during December:


One of the most common types of ants to see at this time of year is the small black ant variety. It is normal to find these ants near meats, greases, and sweets during the holidays when cooking is plenty.

Get more ideas on how to get rid of ants. 


Like ants, there are several species of roaches South African homeowners see in their houses this time of year, as these pests seek out their basic needs. Your home is the perfect shelter, a source of water, and is sure to have stocked pantries, full of food.

pest guide for cockroaches


The small flying insects enjoy festive feasting, too; but instead of roasted gammon, they prefer slurping down your blood.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are another familiar pest this time of year with holiday trips underway. Bed bugs are hitchhiking pests, signifying how easy it is to pick them up in hotel rooms or other places, and then unknowingly bring them into your home.
Read more about how to spot bed bugs at home.


These insects are around all year long, but suddenly when summer comes, they are just everywhere! They love to invite themselves to your dinners and lunches, trying to grab a seat on your delicious meats and side dishes.

Our festive season pest guide on where to look out for annoying bugs

By taking some easy steps, you can lower the chances of pests partaking in your joyous festivities.


From adorned trees and gorgeous wreaths to festive trinkets, lights and other decorations, our holiday arrangements can be prime targets for pests such as cockroaches, rodents and spiders. 

Before opening up that box of decorations and ornaments, unpack its contents and inspect your ornaments for any potential signs of pest infestation. Check for eggs or insects like cockroaches. 

If you spot too many roaches for your liking, apply No Roach 25 SC. Spray the mix on your skirtings, walls, cupboards, and other surfaces where roaches are noticed. 

If you prefer natural décor, remember to do these same checks for anything (trees, garlands, flowers, etc.) you bring into your home from the outdoors. Spiders, ticks and ants are generally found in the crevices of wood and deep in the branches of trees. Insects may even lay eggs in garlands or trees.

Choose tightly sealed plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes or bags to store your holiday decorations. This can help prevent pest issues next year.

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Online gift shopping can mean you’ll be getting more deliveries this month. But be careful when ripping open your online orders; they may contain more than what you’ve ordered. 

It’s not unusual for shipment warehouses to have pest issues. Avoid any pest infestations by carefully scanning all your packages before bringing them inside. Look for droppings, egg cases, discarded wings, insect body parts, larvae, or actual pests flying from or crawling on parcels. 

To control the infestation of flying insects, we recommend using No Insect Indoors RTU Flying Insects – a ready-to-use sprayable insecticide that works within minutes on direct contact. Especially watch out for shipments containing food or perishables that can be particularly attractive to pests.

Stacking your boxes in your living room can also create a cosy-looking shelter for any of these common summer pests to hide. If you don’t need to keep these boxes, opt to throw them in the recycling bin instead.

Guests (the human type, not the pest type)

It’s lovely to see friends and family. When they visit your home to celebrate the holidays they usually bring great festive cheer, presents and… pests? 

House guests can unknowingly bring cockroaches, bed bugs, and other pests with them. Minimise the risks of visitors bringing unwelcome guests into your home with this pest guide.

Fendona 6 SC is a long-lasting suspension concentrate to control bed bugs in your home. 

Hang guests’ jackets or bags up on your coat rack and keep them away from your upholstered furniture or bedding.

Food storage

An important aspect to consider is your food storage cupboards and pantries. 

Throw out budget storage containers as they are favourite hideouts of common household pests such as roaches, bugs, and moths. Airtight glass containers or mason jars with a silicon or rubber seal on the lid are virtually impenetrable to pests.

cleaning kitchen for pest control

The kitchen

Cooking festive feasts for the entire family can be messy. But be mindful during your holiday bake-a thon.

Leave no opportunity for pests to thrive in a mess by giving your kitchen a deep clean after cooking up a storm. Clean up before heading to bed and tackle the deep clean the next day. Make sure no food crumbs or dirt are left on the floor and change the trash bag often to prevent baiting pests.

Holiday gatherings are for family, not for pests

These useful tips are sure to help you enjoy pest-free festivities. After each party, it is important to clean up properly as a preventative measure.

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As you prepare for Christmas, the last thing you want to worry about is a pest infestation. You can also consult our home protection experts via WhatsApp to get answers about safe and effective pest control measures. Browse our problem solver page for more advice on pest control. 
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