Control ticks and fleas with the paw-fect solution

Is your dog struggling with itching, scratching and irritability? Your dog may have either fleas or ticks. Help your four-legged friend with a solution designed to tackle ticks and fleas – so you both can get back to enjoying the more important things in life.

A dog on a leash while adventuring through the mountains.

Protect dogs from ticks and fleas with ease

Snuggles, playtime and walking adventures are the highlights of a happy hound. Unfortunately, while out and about, this is a prime chance for your dog to pick up these parasitic pests. And nothing is worse than seeing your canine companion in distress.

So, how do you know if your dog is struggling with ticks and fleas? Fleas are little and jump around a lot, while ticks burrow into your dog’s fur, making them difficult to notice if you don’t know what to look for. Here are three red flags that your dog is unknowingly harbouring one or more of these parasites:

  1. Your dog scratches, bites, or chews its skin.
  2. Your dog is shedding hair, particularly around the neck and tail.
  3. Your dog develops a fever, loses its appetite, or becomes lethargic.

To protect and prevent your pooch from becoming a pest host, look no further than Bio Kill Pet Care. Bio Kill Pet Care spray kills and repels fleas and ticks through direct contact, leaving your best friends safe and protected to enjoy the more important things in life. Plus, Bio Kill Pet Care spray is gentle enough to be applied directly on puppies 12 weeks or older.

Ward off pests and win

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How it works

Bio Kill Pet Care is a ready-to-use spray solution specially designed to target and get rid of ticks and fleas on dogs. As humans and warm-blooded creatures have different metabolisms to these pests, the body degrades the product without affecting the organism. This solution works as quick as 5-15 minutes – depending on factors like the species of pests and the temperature.


Before you begin your dog’s treatment, make sure you have their grooming brush on hand.

  • Spray Bio Kill Pet Care directly onto the coat of your dog while brushing its hair until the coat is damp.
  • Treat dogs with long hair a second time – brush the hair in the opposite direction.
  • Bio Kill Pet Care has a long-lasting impact and can be used as needed; the product cannot be overused because it is water-based and low in toxicity.
  • For more information, read the safety data sheet for Bio Kill Pet Care.
man and husky dog hiking through long grass

Tips for the adventurous alpha dogs

  • Avoid off-leash hiking in areas where ticks thrive (think thick bushes and undergrowth).
  • Assess your dog after walks and when you arrive home.
    • Examine your dog thoroughly.
    • Use your fingers to feel for bumps that could be ticks.
    • Ticks can be found on your dog in a variety of places, including the head, neck, legs, armpits, abdomen, chest, tail, between the toes, and in and around the ears.
Comb and inspect your dog regularly.

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With Efekto, pet pest control is mission pawsible

Treatment for ticks and fleas is just one spray away. Here’s to preventing and protecting your dog from unwanted parasites, while standing a chance to give back to an animal charity of your choice.