Cockroach pest control 101: top tips and solutions

Did a cockroach sighting bring you here? No need to panic. This guide is designed to help you reign in these invasive pests with a complete approach to cockroach pest control, from preventative measures to solutions.

Cracking down on cockroaches

New to cockroach pest control? Our expert team is here to help you understand, identify and work towards pest elimination. Explore our debugging room by room guide to see where cockroaches are commonly found. Our best advice for cockroach pest control is always to take an effective approach to any problem — and this includes being fully informed. 

Basic overview on cockroaches

Generally, cockroaches appear as beetle-like pests, with long oval brown bodies. They have a set of antennae and four legs. Depending on the species you are dealing with, their weight and lengths may vary. In South Africa, there are three main species, including:

  • German cockroaches — Identifiable by two dark longitudinal stripes on their pronotum. (This is the plate that appears just behind their head). Adults grow to approximately 12 – 15 mm in length.
  • Oriental cockroaches — Dark brown to black, 20 – 25 mm long, with undeveloped wings in females, while wings cover ¾ length of the abdomen in the male.
  • American cockroaches — Shining red-brown, 35 – 40 mm long. Wings are longer than the body in males and only just overlap the abdomen for females. Known to run and can fly in high temperatures.

Health hazards

Unsightly, fast and enough to warrant a full inspection, cockroaches leave an unsettling feeling for anyone. Apart from being an invasive pest, they contaminate spaces. Cockroaches leave behind droppings, shed skins and saliva — all considered allergens. These allergens are not only linked to causing asthma-related issues, but they also leave behind traces of bacteria that can cause diseases like food poisoning. With all these problems, make sure you eliminate attractants for cockroaches to avoid health issues.

Cockroach attractions and what to look for

As our debugging room-by-room guide advises, you will find cockroaches in kitchens, bathrooms and the scullery. This is due to attractants like food including meat, starchy and sweet substances. Additionally, they prefer a dark hiding place — so any crevices or cracks with access to water are also things to look out for. They are active at night, which is why you are likely to find them scuttling after a light switch has been turned on.

Although cockroaches are attracted to areas lacking sanitation, stowing refuse bins or sewage systems, this is not always the case. Unfortunately, they may invade the cleanest of homes looking for shelter.

How to prevent cockroaches

To pest-proof your home, there are a number of ways to improve your chances of a cockroach invasion.

  1. Inspect your home — Pest-proof it by sealing possible entryways. Think of narrow areas like windows, gaps between tiles or walls and worn weather stripping.
  2. Sanitise surfaces — countertops, areas around drains and regularly empty and clean indoor bins.
  3. Seal and stow food — Make sure to wipe down food prep surfaces, as well as clean up dining areas and kitchen floors. Don’t forget pet bowls on the floor.

Use correct pest control solutions and methods — follow product inserts and apply solutions safely. Explore our safety guide for help.

Cockroach pest control solutions

As much as you may be tempted to whip out a shoe to do the job, we recommend a more effective approach for the long term. Treat and maintain the health and safety of your home against cockroaches with these pest control solutions:

Efekto No Insect Indoors NF Cockroaches RTU

This solution is a ready-to-use insecticide to control cockroaches inside and outside the home. Simply spray where cockroaches are noticeable and repeat as necessary.

No Roach 25 SC

A concentrate that controls household insects indoors. Treats cockroaches and bedbugs in dwellings, animal houses and industrial premises. To use, apply with a pressure sprayer or use a suitable sprayer. Apply spray mix to skirtings, walls, cupboards as well as all surfaces where insects are noticed. Pay particular attention to cracks and crevices.

Zero Roach Bait

A ready-to-use bait station that comes in packs of two or four, to control cockroaches for public hygiene. Place one to three Zero Roach stations per 10 m² of floor area in invaded spaces including:

  • Domestic premises (including kitchens) 
  • Food handling areas (i.e. for food processing, storage and preparation):
    •  Food manufacturing premises, commercial kitchens, restaurants, food stores, warehouses, retail outlets, and more. 
  • Public buildings:
    • Hotels, hospitals, prisons, theaters, schools, churches, and more. 
  • Commercial and industrial premises:
    • Factories, shops, workshops, aircraft, vehicles, railway stock and ships.

Conquer your cockroach pest control with the experts

With the right solutions and routine sanitisation routines, you will master your approach to cockroach pest control. For more advice and information for your pest control needs, contact us.