5 Insects your veggie garden loves

Who’s ready for winter? We are! If you’re planting a winter veggie garden, you might be interested in these 5 insects that actually help protect veggies. Not all insects are pests. Let them go to work alongside our pest control solutions!


These little bugs are so much more than a token of good luck! They might look cute but ladybugs are lean-mean aphid chomping machines.

As you probably know, aphids are tiny destroyers who suck the sap from plants and leave them prone to disease and infection. These pests particularly love a go at veggies like beans, peppers, tomatoes and brinjals.

Many farmers use ladybugs as a natural defence system in place of chemicals. So, if you spot one, leave it to work its magic!

Parktown Prawn

veggie garden

We’ve all heard of Parktown prawns. Many may even have run from the room after laying eyes on one! So, what does this 7cm insect have to offer your veggies?

It might not look like it but the infamous Parktown prawn (AKA a King Cricket) is on your side. Sure, they’re terrifying to look at but they’re doing a work of good in your veggie garden. They take care of an even nastier problem… Snails and slugs!

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Robber Fly

veggie garden

These funny looking insects might not appear to be the good guys… But looks can be deceiving! They’re not like regular flies. Rather, robber flies actually feed on fellow insects – think other kinds of flies, ants, certain spiders and grasshoppers. It’s what earned them the nickname ‘assassin flies’.


veggie garden

Just like the robber fly, dragonflies are veg garden pest assassins! More specifically, they’re fly assassins. And while female mosquitoes are the ones that bite humans, male mosquitoes dine on your fruit. But if need be, dragonflies will also munch on ants, gnats, flies and other flying insects.

These graceful insects have the ability to snatch their prey mid-air and move in any direction. They also have the most amazing eyesight, making it easy to set their ‘sights’ on one insect in a swarm!

Praying Mantis

Ah, the praying mantis, another great veggie garden friend. These bugs have been known to stay in the same spot for hours on end, with their front legs folded in what looks like the act of prayer – hence the name!

Their folded arms allow them to attack and quickly grab their prey. Lucky for you, their prey includes the likes of crickets, flies, and plant chomping grasshoppers!

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