3 Ways you’re unknowingly attracting ants to your home

Have you noticed an influx of ants in your home? It’s not just food that attracts these pesky little insects. Just like us, they need food, water, shelter and pleasant conditions to survive. So, take note of these three ways you’re inviting ants into your home.

Leaking Pipes & Stagnant Water

3 Ways you're Unknowingly Attracting Ants to your Home

You might be surprised to discover that ants need water to survive. They build their colonies close to sources of water which can range from natural sources outdoors to rooms in your home that have readily available moisture. In fact, apart from the kitchen, the most common spot you’ll find ants in the home is in your bathroom.

Be sure to look out for any leaking pipes or dripping taps. Even something as seemingly harmless as leaving dishes in water to soak overnight can attract these busybody pests indoors.

Human Comforts like Aircon & Heaters

3 Ways you're Unknowingly Attracting Ants to your Home

Ants are as affected by temperature as we are. In extreme conditions, ants will often look for the closest place to make a nest in a comfortable spot – which is usually your home.

For example, when it’s baking hot outside and you’ve got your aircon blasting, your home becomes far more attractive to these pests than the outdoors. The same applies when it’s cold out or there is excessive rain. Just like humans, ants will seek shelter in the most comfortable environment.

This doesn’t only include extreme weather conditions – ants might also make their way to your door when you use pesticides in your garden! Any ants not affected by the pesticide will quickly scamper off in search of a more suitable and safer environment. Your best bet, to avoid these pests indoors is to use disinfectant in your kitchen and bathroom and limiting their access indoors.

Leaving Pet Food out

3 Ways you're Unknowingly Attracting Ants to your Home

While it’s common knowledge that leaving food out will bring ants, many homeowners don’t realise that this could also apply to pet food. Whether it’s the crumbs from your pet’s pellets or wet food leftovers, ants will happily make a meal of it.

You could try using ant-smart pet bowls that have a divot which separates the bowl from the base of the bowl. Alternatively, you can prevent a build-up of ants by ensuring you never leave leftover pet food in the bowl once your pet has finished eating. Proper pet food storage will also help – and that means transferring even the wet food from an open tin to a sealed container.

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