How to keep outdoor pests from getting indoors – pest control for ants and more

Are you tired of being the designated ‘pest control’ at home, always swatting flies, squashing ants, and chasing away roaches? We all agree that frustrating insects should stay outside, not inside your home. But, how can you effectively create a barrier to keep these pests outdoors?

Discover how to reduce pests, including effective pest control for ants, and explore Efekto’s products designed to guard your home from outdoor pests.

Quick and easy ways to keep pests away from your home

If you’ve been struggling with a pesky pest problem, there are some easy improvements you can make to make a big difference:

  • Maintain Your Garden: Trim foliage and reduce clutter.
  • Pet Food: Store pet food securely and off the floor.
  • Rubbish: Empty trash regularly and keep bins closed.
  • Trees: Trim trees and bushes away from entry points.
  • Cracks: Seal or repair cracks both inside and outside your home.
Greenery-covered gate or fence.

Ways to safeguard your home from outdoor pests

If indoor pests are still a problem, Efekto offers superior products to tackle them at the source before they become a problem.

Barrier defence – Efekto Zero Roach Bait

Creating a ‘bug’ barrier can really protect your home from unwanted pests. What better barrier than Efekto’s Zero Roach Bait. Place these on your patio, and near entrances (being mindful that this needs to be an undercover space) as your first act of defence from blasted roaches. Put out the bait, wait, and let the roaches feast. You should start seeing results within 24 hours, and within 7 days, your roach problem should be forgotten. Just make sure to keep this out of the reach of your pets.

Watering can tending to plants.

Shielding your home entryways – Efekto Everdeath

After safeguarding your garden, it’s crucial to protect the entryways to your home. Efekto’s Everdeath ready-to-use dusting powder is a highly effective product for this purpose. It controls a range of pests, including aphids, ants, roaches, bedbugs, fleas, and more. Sprinkle Efekto Everdeath around your entryways for a swift response to pesky pests trying to infiltrate your living space.

Wooden gate in front of picturesque stone house.

Keep ants off your patio – Efekto No Ant Bait Station

The key to pest control for ants is disrupting their hierarchy. Efekto’s No Ant Bait Station lures worker ants with bait that they carry back to their queen as an offering. This effectively controls the entire ant nest, ensuring they stay out of your home.

Outdoor garden with a table, chairs, and a cat on the table.

Keeping your pet zone pest-free – Efekto Bio Kill Pet Care

Indoor pets can be a cause of pests infiltrating your home. Efekto not only offers pest control for ants but also solutions for fleas and ticks. Whether your pets live indoors or outdoors, Bio Kill Pet Care can be sprayed around their bed, kennel, and other contact points to eliminate ticks and fleas within 5-15 minutes. Say goodbye to the frustration of removing fleas and ticks one by one.

Woman and dog relaxing on a couch.

A pest-free world awaits

Pest control for ants and other pests inside your home can feel like a never-ending battle. At Efekto, we’re here to help. Explore our informative Efekto eBooks to become a pest control expert. If you’re ready to tackle pests head-on, check out our full range of products on our dedicated products. Say goodbye to annoying pests and enjoy a pest-free home!